We arrange a time to get together on the phone or via Zoom to discuss your business’ branding, target audience, content ideas, business goals and vision.

1 post is a static (still) photo that has been provided by the business owner or a graphic that has been designed by the SMM. This post includes caption creation and 1 x set of hashtags.

1 Reel is a short video (up to 60 seconds) which can be created with both video and static material provided by the business owner. The SMM will then edit the material to include music, text and special effects. Reels allow you to publish creative content, showcase personality and market brands. A reel includes caption creation and 1 x set of hashtags.

1 unique story is a story that hasn’t been repurposed from a post or reel. It has been specifically created from a photo or video provided by the business owner or a graphic created by the SMM. A story will be displayed for 24 hours and will then disappear. However you can save important stories to your Instagram highlights for people to view permanently until you remove it from your highlight.

Content creation is the photo, video or graphic that is used for each post, reel or story.

Caption creation is the hook, body of the post and call to action on each post or reel and the text that is added to a story.

Engagement means that the SMM will spend time interacting with your followers and target audience before and after each post/reel is published. This is done strategically to increase target audience, following, interaction and reach.

A Hashtag set is a set of words (up to 30) that is used to make it easier to find posts/reels with a specific topic. It helps draw attention to your posts and encourages interaction.
EG: #wellnessproducts #beautyexpert #beautytips #realestateagentqueensland #restaurant #cafe #goldcoastbar #bestcoffeeinmelbourne #livemusic #businesscoach #socialmediahacks

It is important to utilise both platforms to reach a larger audience. Instagram is often used for finding new products and services, places and what’s trending. Whereas Facebook focuses on personal connections, community groups, business pages and content that friends and family share.

Benefits of Instagram is that you can be creative which is visually inspiring for your audience.

Benefits of using Facebook is that you can also duplicate your posts into specific community groups that contain your target audience.

Your SMM will require you to link your Business Facebook page with your Instagram via Meta Business Suite. Alternatively this can be done during your initial 30 min strategy call

This is a phone call or Zoom call between the business owner and SMM to discuss upcoming content for the month.

WhatApp is a private communication platform that is set up between the business owner and the SMM to use for any questions either party has regarding the service provided. This can also be used to send content material for the SMM to use.

This is when a post or reel has been repurposed into a story.

Manage competitions and giveaways – When the business owner and SMM create a strategy to increase reach and engagement by running a competition or giveaway. Giving away a product or service from their business to one or more followers from your targeted audience.

EG: Giveaway – Dinner for 2. Conditions of entry – Followers choose to opt in and follow the instructions set by the business owner. For example, sharing the post to their stories, tagging a friend and they must be following the account to win

Collaborations – When the business owner chooses to work with another account within the same or similar target audience to increase reach and engagement

EG: If you are a Bar and Restaurant you can tag an alcohol supplier or a music artist who will then share your post or story to their audience. This guarantees a larger reach and engagement and great way to increase your instagram growth

You can also request another account to be a collaborator for a post or a reel. When they accept their username will be added and will be shared with their followers and shown on their profile.

Your SMM will research hashtags within your industry which allows them to find specific content that your target audience are consuming and they will then use a strategy to engage with your potential target audience to increase your Instagram growth.

Your SMM will have access to your private messages and direct messages via Meta Business Suite. If you prefer to personally respond to these messages that is completely fine. However if you find that you don’t have time to respond in a timely manner, your SMM can set up automatic responses for you to respond at your convenience or they can respond on your behalf.